Tie The Knot  “十指紧扣竞赛” 参赛规则的

  • •All customer who purchases RedCarpet Bridal wedding package are entitled to participate our photo contest, all packages can be selected therefore all deposit receipts can be keep for 5 years. 只需在【RedCarpet Bridal】以定⾦签购皆可参加Tie The Knot “⼗指紧扣”竞赛,定⾦可保留5年,配套可之后再做选择。

  • Three different awards will be given out - 1) Brand Ambassador, 2) Most Charming Couple 3) Best Vote On Social Media Tie The Knot “⼗指紧扣竞赛将以三个奖项为主,1)最佳情侣代⾔⼈,2)最登对情侣,3)最佳⽹络情侣。

  • Couple age 18 years and above can participate in our photo contest. Couples will be restricted to only one entry. Couples must be in the process of getting married. 参赛年龄18岁以上未婚者,必须是情侣,⼀对情侣只限⼀次参赛资格,凡是以结婚为⽬者。

  • Please “Like” our Facebook Page - RedCarpet Bridal and “Follow” our Instagram – Redcarpetbridal before joining the contest 参赛者必须LIKE本公司FACEBOOK PAGE www.facebook.com/redcarpet.my和FOLLOW贵公司的 Instagram - redcarpetbridal。

  •  Kindly submit one photocopy of all Identify Card (MyKad), two 4R size couple photos (close up and full body), fill up the form and send to us through email or submit all copy of document to RedCarpet Bridal. 参赛者必须准备各⾃身份证副本(正⾯及背⾯)及2张(4R)正⾯近照及整体近照各⾃⼀张然后填写报名表格,传送给贵公司,所有资 料⼀律不退。

  • Registration open from 1/4/2018 -31/5/2018,All Participate will be call for interview. 1/4/18⾄31/5/18开放提名,提名者必须在主办单位联系下报到及参与⾯试活动。

  • Contestants will be regarded as having granted the organizer, the right to use their images, in print, broadcast and/or electronic media without any payment, for the purposes of promoting the competition on social media. 主办单位将把您们最甜蜜⼤情侣照公布于社交媒体及贵公司宣传照让群众为您们投票按赞给予最真诚的祝福。

  • All social media vote will be end 31/6/18 , All Results will be announce on 10/7/2018, all winner must agreed with the term and condition by the company. ⽹络投票截⽌⽇期将会在31/6/18,成绩将会在10/7/18公布,公布后将会由专⼈通知下⼀步的颁奖细节。

  • All participants expressly agree that they compete in good faith. Contestants agree that a finding of participation in bad faith will result in their immediate disqualification, the company have the right to disqualify contestants and/or revoke the prize( At any stage of the contest) 参赛者必须诚实参于此活动。如发现某位参赛者在呈交报名资料时有误,主办当局有权取消参赛者资格以及修改以上任何规则。

  • All Winner must agreed to have one year promotional contract prepare by the company. 幸运得奖者必须与【RedCarpet Bridal】签⼀年的合约作为最佳情侣代⾔⼈,最登对情侣,最佳⽹络情侣,也需要出席所有活动及宣 传。

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To Get The Form  ​ 索取报名表格